# The KOEN Sketchbook

a book with tips and tricks for drawing and ample empty pages for sketches

publisher: KOEN – Institute
graphic: Agnes Ofner, Daniel Wadl


# Vienna Guide Sketchbook

a book with sketches and research about Viennese architecture, collected and drawn by the students of the 2nd semester. the book is based on their excursion to vienna 2017

publisher: KOEN – Institute
graphic: KOEN, participating students


# KOEN 2013 – 2017

a book about the first 5 years of the KOEN-Institute. It collects and describes all our activites since the foundation of the Institute in 2013.

publisher: KOEN – Institute
graphic: KOEN Daniel Schürr


# Intensified Density

Intensified Density – a small scale densification strategy for the suburbs by using modular construction – a book about last years research project

Order hardcopy [link]

publisher: KOEN – Institute