Form and Design 1a VO

This lecture spans the complex field of architecture and provides a first introduction into its different disciplines.  In this partially cross-Institute lecture-series we give an overview touching the majority of basic aspects and discussions in the field of architecture. The lecture is thereby touching the following fields: design-principles, process of architecture and urban planning, Design and Building Typology, Contemporary Housing, Building Technologies, Structural Design, Architectural Theory, Art- and Cultures as well as Landscape Design, Interior Design and Art and Media.  This lecture series is part of the STEOP-Exam ( Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase)

After attending the lecture-series students have a first an overview of the variety and complexity of architecture and are familiar with its basic concepts.  They gained the ability to reflect their choice for studying architecture and compare it to their expectations as well as touched ideas for developing their personal approach to architecture. In subsequent lectures they will be able to deepen and apply these architectural basics.