Machine Introduction

Machine Introduction (Sicherheitsunterweisung)

required for using the “Kleinmaschinenwerkstatt”
consists of two obligatory parts:

1. theoretic lecture
registration via email at: mbw.koen[at]

2. practical part (on the machines)
Lists wil be available at the lecture.

Participants have to sign a list after completing each of the two parts.
After successfully completing a workshop card is issued, which is valid for one year

For consumables and wear out of machines we will charge a financial contribution of 15€ per year / 8€ per semester

Machine Introduction (Sicherheitsunterweisung) – next lectrues

Wed  Mar 13th  11:30h   |  Große Halle, Kronesgasse 5, 1st floor
Thu  May 09th  11:30h   |  Große Halle, Kronesgasse 5, 1st floor

For using the workshops it is obligatory to observe these safety rules (Sicherheitsrichtlinien)
Sicherheitsrichtlinien (PDF)

contakt model workshop: mbw.koen[at]